Digital Forensics Workshop - Lovely Professional University


Digital Forensics Workshop - Lovely Professional University

Digital frauds are one of the most frequently occurring crimes nowadays.

Digital forensics is a forensic science field that helps protect individuals and organizations from these crimes.

The need for trained professionals at present is much higher than past.

Digital forensic experts help protect individuals' and organizations' online assets and reputations.

They are responsible for implementing preventive measures to reduce crime and solve cases when the crime has already occurred.

This upcoming generation of aspiring forensic experts must be aware of digital forensics and its scope in the present scenario.

To equip the final-year students of B.Sc. Forensic Science, Department of Forensic Science, Lovely Professional University, in association with SIFS India, organized a one-day hands-on workshop on:

Digital Forensics: Tools & Techniques for Investigations


I feel honored to be invited to deliver a guest lecture on this topic and discussed the following:

  • What are the different types of digital fraud, and what role does forensics play in solving such crimes?
  • What challenges do experts face when collecting and examining digital evidence to present it in court?
  • Case study related to digital evidence challenges on admissibility in court.

 I appreciate the university's and the organizers' efforts in conducting such a workshop.

I look forward to spreading more knowledge through future collaborations.


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