My Passion

A Lifelong Forensic Lover & Learner with a Purpose

Everyone has a different passion. But only a few are fortunate enough to find an opportunity to turn their passion into a full-time career.

I am one of those lucky ones. My passion is a bit different from people's passion; I am passionate about helping society through my expertise in forensic science. Also, when you are passionate about something, working does not seem to be a burden on you. I feel blessed to get an opportunity to serve humanity through my passion that constantly helps me formulate life’s short-term and long-term goals.

You might wonder why spreading forensic knowledge and serving society through criminal investigation services is my passion? Though it is a bit difficult to explain, let me try.

Inspired by my teachers who teach not with a sole purpose to educate students, but to bring all-around transformation in their lives, I want to work not with a purpose to earn money alone. But want to leave behind a legacy. I want people to remember me for my zest to serve humanity and not merely as an entrepreneur busy making money.

The fire in my heart helps me overcome challenges and follow a path that leads to the fulfillment of my vision.

I keep myself updated with all the latest advancements, especially in cyber forensics, that holds a special place in my profession. Also, the zest for constant learning helps me gain knowledge and adds confidence and new energy to work even harder.

Not only learning, but I also have a habit of reading all the recently published research articles and reviews to get insight into what is going around, where we are lagging in the forensic science field, and what can be done to fill that gap.

Also, I love to share my knowledge and experience with aspiring researchers and students as I believe that knowledge is a treasure that grows when shared more. Confining this treasure to one person or organization will lead to nothing and must be passed on to the next generation. Though my love for forensic science occupies a major part of life, I have some hidden passions that I would love everyone to know about.

I love to indulge in activities like meditation, yoga, and gardening to polish my inner self and take care of my mental health. Our mental health has a great impact on how and what we think. So a little bit of self-care is necessary to rejuvenate yourself and maintain enthusiasm to work efficiently.

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