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My Knowledge Investment Journey for a Better Tomorrow

Education plays a vital role in shaping anyone's life. Whatever I have achieved today would not have been possible without appropriate education.

So, to achieve my career goals, I decided to go for higher studies after completing my primary and secondary education. I completed a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science from the University of Delhi and qualified for NET-JRF in 2008, which motivated me to pursue a Ph.D.

My interest grew in the field of Anthropology while pursuing M.Sc. And so, I opted for it as a keystone area during my Ph.D. I did my Ph.D. from Delhi University and presented a research paper on 'Histomorphological Comparison of Human Hair among the population of Uttar Pradesh.'

It is not the end of my educational journey. I have a viewpoint that learning never ends. So, along with professional university education, I did numerous PG Diplomas and Certification courses in forensic science and related fields from renowned institutions in India and abroad.

Also, being a criminal investigation service provider, it becomes necessary to equip me with the legal aspect of the trade. So I opted for doing Bachelor of Law to understand the working of the legal system.

With my professional education, I now work round the clock to serve the judicial system with my forensic services to protect society from ever-rising crime and bring law and order to the front line.  

One can go for the below list to have a short see-through towards my educational and professional qualifications.

Doctor of Philosophy

Delhi University, on Forensic Specialization.

M.Sc. Anthropology

From Delhi University, with specialization on Poroscopy.

M.Sc. Forensic Science

The Global Open University, Nagaland with specialisation on Cyber Forensic.

Bachelor of Law (LLB)

Major in Cyber Lab, IT Act, Criminal Law, IPC, Evidence Act, Cross Examination.

Professional Forensic PG Diplomas & Certifications


From EC Council, about the usage of digital forensics tools and techniques

PG Diploma in Cyber Forensic Investigations

Falcon Bureau of Investigations Ltd, Tema, Ghana, about audio and video examination

PG Certificate (PGCFSc) in Criminology, Criminal Law and Forensic Sciences

Department of Anthropology, University of Delhi

Diploma in Forensic Sciences (Crime Scene Investigation and Management)

Amity University (AIBHAS) New Delhi

Certificate in Forensic Sciences (Finger Prints and Document Examination)

Ramjas College, University of Delhi, with a comparative study of handwriting under forensic document examiner 

Certificate in Counseling & Guidance

Department of Adult, Continuing Education & Extension, University of Delhi

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