Journey at a Glance

My name is Dr. Ranjeet Singh, born in Ballia, Uttar Pradesh. Behind this name is a journey full of ups and downs. It is not a matter of chance that I got all this name and fame, nor do I have any godfather to hold my hand and guide me along. If I look back on my childhood, I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I have witnessed my parents’ struggles and always wondered how they managed to meet both ends. 

Hence, during my childhood days only, I decided to put in all efforts to be their support and fulfill their dreams one day, for which they had sacrificed a lot.

I completed my primary education in the village. To date, I accepted every challenge that came forth to me and moved ahead. I was not aware of what life had stored for me. But the excitement to do things differently and achieve something big, I decided to move to Delhi to pursue higher studies. I completed my Bachelors of Science (B.Sc.), Masters of Science (M.Sc.) (2), and Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) from the University of Delhi.

I got the opportunity to get trained under eminent teachers' supervision, which helped shape my career the way I wanted. Apart from several professional pieces of training, certifications, and diplomas in forensic science, one of the best decisions in my academic journey was to gain CEH and CHFI international certifications from the EC Council in (mention year). It helped me fulfill my dream of becoming a sought-after cybersecurity expert in India and abroad.  

I also qualified for NET-JRF, won various competitions, and was honored several times for my accomplishments in the forensic science field. Each achievement proved to be a stepping stone that motivated me to move ahead on my journey to fulfill my dream.

Starting a business requires a lot of funds. So I gave tuition to numerous students to earn money to invest in my business. In 2006, I began SIFS India, a Govt. Regd. Private forensic science laboratory and training institution. Since its inception, I have been very clear about what I want to achieve. My mission was to serve people at the national level and internationally by providing criminal investigation services and creating a crime-free society.

In addition to this, another motive behind establishing SIFS India was to provide cost-effective education and hands-on training to deserving students with big dreams in their eyes but who are less fortunate to fulfill their desire of becoming forensic specialists.

When I had decided to start SIFS India, I didn’t have enough pennies in my pocket but had a million-dollar dream in my eyes. Life was not a miracle, and neither did I have a magic stick, but I used to believe that hard work always pays off.  Though I have achieved a lot, there are still miles to go. So even now, I work round the clock to fulfill my vision to make SIFS India gain recognition as India’s most loved crime investigation agency and training academy.

A firm believer in lifelong learning, I am always in the R&D mood to devise methods to offer cost-effective and easily accessible services, hands-on training, various forensic events, and an online platform for students to showcase their talent.

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